Salah Abdallah Gosh: Sudan’s Next Figurehead in the Making

After four months of popular protests in Sudan and President al-Bashir having been forced to step down, regional and international allies are preparing for a post-Bashir Sudan by grooming a “reliable” successor to replace him. Former high-ranking government official, Salah Abdallah Gosh, seems to tick all the right boxes.
Salah Abdallah Gosh Sudan’s Next Figurehead in the Making


January’s Asian Cup Semi-Final Soccer Match Further Inflamed UAE-Qatar Tensions

January’s Asian Cup Semi-Final Soccer Match Further Inflamed UAE-Qatar Tensions

The ongoing diplomatic and political crisis between Qatar and the UAE, which began in June 2017, overshadowed the UAE-hosted Asian Cup 2019.
Readings of French Colonial Postcards in Morocco

Readings of French Colonial Postcards in Morocco

Colonialism was able to spread not only through military power but also the creation and dissemination of biased images of the colonized. French colonial photography in Morocco worked along with military power to subdue the nation and legitimize French power.

Who is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and How Did ISIS Come to Be?

Washington’s recent announcement that ISIS was defeated in Syria and that it would immediately withdraw thousands of U.S. troops stunned the world and raised concerns about the resurgence of ISIS. To understand how the terrorist organization could be reborn in the future, it is necessary to understand its founder and how it was created.
Getting the Final Word Endangered Languages in the Arab World

Getting the Final Word: Endangered Languages in the Arab World

At the turn of the century, UNESCO designated February 21 as International Mother Language Day. In addition to celebrating the incredible linguistic diversity in communities around the world communities, this day also reminds us of the need to preserve indigenous languages.


Ancient Leblouh Tradition Continues to Endanger the Lives of Mauritanian Women

Ancient Leblouh Tradition Continues to Endanger the Lives of Mauritanian Women

Mauritania’s age-old practice of Leblouh, the tradition of force-feeding girls for the sake of beauty and marriage, continues to deprive its women of some of their most basic human rights.

What is Sufism and Why Do Islamist Extremists Reject it?

Sufis shun materialism and use prayer, music, and occasionally dance in their quest to get closer to God. Despite their dedication to divine love and peace, Sufis have increasingly become targets of extremist Islamic movements who view their practices as being incompatible with “true Islam.”

“Khat” it Out: Is the Narcotic Plant Holding Back Djibouti’s Development?

Khat is an important part of life in Djibouti. Although many in the small East African nation enjoy the euphoric effects of the narcotic plant, the social, political, and economic hardships caused by its abuse may begin to persuade Djiboutians to abstain from consuming it.

Omar and the Eastern Power: North Africa Meets Korea On a Volcanic Island

On a resort island off the coast of South Korea, a multi-dimensional, North African-Korean rock band is finding its voice.



When Bigotry and Intolerance Reigned: The Expulsion of Moriscos from Renaissance Spain

Muslim Moriscos converted to Christianity under duress, faced racial discrimination and systematic marginalization by mainstream Catholic Spaniards in Renaissance Spain. They were eventually exiled from their Iberian homeland, but their legacy remains.

Book Review

Book Review: “The Republic, As If”

Alaa Al Aswany’s 2018 novel “The Republic, As If” follows the events of Egypt’s 2011 revolution through the perspectives of both protesters of Mubarak’s regime and citizens set on upholding it.
Book Review: “The Republic, As If”


Fairuz and the Rahbani Brothers Musical Legends Who Shaped Modern Lebanese Identity

Fairuz and the Rahbani Brothers: Musical Legends Who Shaped Modern Lebanese Identity

Lebanese musical icons Fairuz and the Rahbani brothers, Assi and Mansour, are credited with revolutionizing modern Arab music. They are also renowned for using their artistic voices to champion social and political causes in Lebanon and the wider Arab world.


“Moderate” Extremists in Syria’s Idlib Threatened by Own Success?

As ISIS is cornered in southeastern Syria and the U.S. begins to withdraw from the Kurdish-held northeast, eyes are turning toward a resurgent, al-Qaeda-linked militant faction in the northwest. While that group, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, appears to be playing a savvy political game with Turkey, Russia, and Syria, internal conflict may threaten its dominance.

Muslim Hajj: From Religious Ritual to Lucrative Business

Attended annually by two to three million people from all over the world, the Hajj ritual is the fifth pillar of Islam required of Muslims who are able physically and financially to perform it at least once in their lifetime.

Tunisia’s Political Crisis: Domestic Power Dynamics Threaten National Stability

Domestic power dynamics in Tunisia threaten to destabilize the country by weakening governance within North Africa’s fledgling democracy. The political crisis in Tunisia that began earlier this year over whether Prime Minister Youssef Chahed should resign has revealed a ...

Iranian Women Dance on Social Media to Resist Government’s Attempts to Stifle Freedoms

When 19-year old Iranian teenager Maedeh Hojabri filmed videos of herself happily dancing in her bedroom to American and Iranian pop music and posted them on Instagram, she didn’t think she would end up in prison. Iranian authorities clamped down and arrested her without...


ReCoded A Nonprofit that is Empowering Iraqi Youth through Technology

Re:Coded—A Nonprofit Empowering Iraqi Youth through Technology

Marcello Bonatto and Alexandra Clare co-founded Re:Coded in 2016. The nonprofit is the first coding bootcamp for displaced youth in conflict-affected countries. The inspiring initiative reimagines the way the world thinks about the potential of young people, no matter their circumstances or background.


Mohammed Dahlan: A Middle East Interloper Used in a Game of Nations

Seeking the blessings of Egyptian, UAE, and Israeli intelligence agencies, the most controversial Palestinian figure accused of financial corruption is poised to replace Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Will the Arab League Continue to Falter on the Palestinian Issue?

The eventual establishment of an independent Palestinian state appeared indisputable and inevitable when the Arab League wrote its charter in 1945. Over the past five decades, the organization’s support of the Palestinian cause had gradually diminished to reflect the increasingly normalized relations between Israel and countries in the Arab world. However, the League’s recent summit in Tunis reaffirmed the pan-Arab organization’s historic position advocating the cause.

Qatar-UAE Power Struggle in Horn of Africa Threatens Somalia’s Stability

Amid their ongoing Gulf diplomatic crisis, Qatar and the UAE’s battle for hegemony over Somalia, a nation which has long struggled to maintain its territorial integrity, threatens the country’s sovereignty and stability.