Inside Arabia is an online news analysis magazine providing in-depth news and analysis of the Middle East and North Africa Our Story In an era of “fake news,” “alternative facts,” and misinformation, the founder of Inside Arabia recognized that there was a profound lack of accurate coverage of the Middle East and North Africa, in English, for US audiences, contributing to a significant misunderstanding of the region, its people, and its issues.  Jordanian-American Founder and CEO Saeb Sakkijha decided to launch a new publication to help Americans understand the events happening in the MENA region. And so, in 2018, Inside Arabia was born.

Inside Arabia is poised to become the leading source of analysis about the MENA region and a reference resource for researchers as well as non-experts who want to understand the past, present, and future of the region. By getting inside the Arab mind, we provide in-depth analysis of this important and dynamically changing region.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build bridges of understanding between Arabs and Americans to promote peace and tolerance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and inform the American public by dispelling myths, counteracting stereotypes, denouncing human rights abuses, and championing the basic human values of love, peace, compassion and kindness.

Our Team

Since we launched our website on July 13, 2018, our team has been growing. It includes Americans, Arab-Americans, Arabs, and other experts with deep experience and/or roots in the MENA region. We are knowledgeable about its history, language, culture, and customs.  We give a voice to its people by going to the source.  A growing contributor pool of talented academics, analysts, and members of think tanks and other organizations adds depth and breadth to our publication through their experience and expertise.


Inside Arabia welcomes contributions from those who seek to support ethical journalism and the quest for the truth. We are filing to be an IRC Section 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. Once the application is on file with the IRS, contributions will be tax-deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law. Please visit our contributions portal.


Saeb Sakkijha
President, Board of Directors & CEO
Saeb Sakkijha is the President and CEO of Inside Arabia. Born in Jordan and having grown up in the United States, he is a Jordanian-American businessman with strong roots in the Middle East. He founded Inside Arabia in March 2018 to provide accurate information, news, and analysis about the MENA region in order to build bridges of understanding between Americans and the people of the region.
Wafa Faith Hallam
Editor in Chief
Born and raised in Morocco, Wafa Faith Hallam is a naturalized US citizen. Wafa lived and worked in Europe and traveled to over 35 countries before she moved to the US in 1980 to attend college. An Honor Graduate of the University of Florida (Phi Beta Kappa), she was awarded a series of Fellowships to attend New York University where she earned a Master's Degree in Middle Eastern Studies and International Affairs. She completed the PhD course work in Middle Eastern Studies, as well as comprehensive exams. She was granted a Dissertation Fellowship for her research on Political Violence and Terrorism in the MENA Region by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation in Manhattan. She remained committed to Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Middle East and Arab-Muslim Issues even as she built a successful career on Wall Street for over a decade. In 2017 and 2018, she traveled alone to 15 new countries in South America, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. Wafa is a writer, editor, speaker and author of The Road from Morocco, a memoir. Her second book, A One-Way Ticket: One Woman’s Solo Journey to Wonder and Wholeness in South America is due out in 2019.
Sara Quindlen
Creative Director
Sara is an award-winning creative video editor and graphic designer native to the Washington D.C. area. She has a BFA from the Art Institute of Washington and has worked for a variety of clients including Hilton, Disney, Universal, ESPN, EA Sports, Great Wolf Lodge, FEMA, and more. Passionate about our mission and dedicated to our vision, Sara found a new home with the Inside Arabia family and has quickly become an integral part of the team.
Shahida Muhammad
Shahida Muhammad has a passion for using media as a means of cultural exchange. A graduate of Syracuse University, she began her career at the Philadelphia Weekly and Northeast Times newspapers in her hometown. From there she moved into digital media, covering social justice, women's issues, and travel. She took a leap of faith in 2016 and moved abroad to Colombia where she explored topics surrounding education, culture, and socioeconomic developments in the vibrant South American nation. After three years abroad, she decided to make Washington D.C. her new home and is excited to be part of Inside Arabia's mission to provide insightful and balanced news analysis of the MENA region.