Learning Between the Lines Protecting Immigrant Children’s Right to Education In Morocco

Learning Between the Lines: Protecting Immigrant Children’s Right to Education In Morocco

As more sub-Saharan immigrants settle in Morocco, advocacy groups urge the government to ensure education access with comprehensive new immigration laws. Under the Constitution, Morocco guarantees everyone living in the country the right to education. In practice, many immigrant children are left out of the classroom.

Levantine Love of Yerba Mate Tells a 160-Year Trans-Atlantic Tale, Part II

Part I of this two-part article tells the story of the Arab migration from Syria and Lebanon to South America. Part II describes the past and current life of Levantines in South America and South Americans in the Levant. The popular herbal drink, Yerba mate (pr. “mah-tay”), serves as a reminder of their intertwined existence.

Egypt’s Tourism Industry on Shaky Ground

Egypt’s Ministry of Touri...
Souad Abderrahim

First Female Mayor Takes Reins in Tunis After Landmark Municipal Elections

The municipal council of Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia, elected its first ever female mayor on Tuesday, July 3. Souad Abderrahim garnered 26 municipal council votes in this second round of elections in the city, surpassing the 22 cast for her main competitor, Kamel Idir of the Nida Tounes party
Renewable Energy - Jordan

Powering the Troubled Kingdom: the Rise of Renewable Energy in Jordan

Protests that erupted in June, 2018 in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan exposed an economic crisis caused by a perfect storm of increased taxes; subsidy cuts for fuel, electricity, and bread; and a high cost of living.
Social Unrest and the Challenges Facing the Maghreb

Social Unrest and the Challenges Facing the Maghreb

After the fall of Gaddafi and the collapse of Ben Ali’s regime, a new era was ushered in to the region. However, the calm that has followed the uprising does not necessarily imply smooth sailing for the nations of North Africa.