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Oman: A Facilitator of Diplomacy

Oman always seeks to facilitate backchannels for communication and diplomatic openings. Whether between Iran and the US, Israelis and Palestinians, or between warring factions in Yemen or Syria, Oman is an effective diplomatic bridge in the polarized Middle East.

The Harrowing Humanitarian Toll of Sanctioning Iran

Multilateral sanctions against Iran are inflicting unwarranted suffering on many innocent Iranians, while bringing little benefit to the sanctions’ architects.

The Saudi-Iran-Iraq Triangle: Sectarianism and the Struggle for Regional Influence

The reestablishment of Iraqi-Saudi diplomatic ties has provided Baghdad with new economic opportunities while allowing Riyadh to undermine Iran’s influence in the region.


Locked in a deadly battle for Tripoli on the ground, Libya’s two competing powers are also battling it out in the U.S. capital’s lobbyist underworld.

Bahrain Hires Trump’s Lawyer Rudy Giuliani to Train Police

The Arabian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain has signed Rudy Giuliani’s consulting firm to train its police force. His simultaneous role as President Trump’s personal attorney raises legitimate conflict of interest questions.

Mohammed bin Salman’s Succession to the Saudi Throne in Doubt

As Riyadh comes under fire over its mass executions, a damning UN Report has found “Credible Evidence” that Mohammed Bin Salman (MbS) is liable for the murder of Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Significant damage to the Kingdom’s reputation on the world stage is now threatening the legitimacy of the Crown Prince’s succession to the throne.

Detained in Dubai: Stories of Injustice in the Gulf III

Alia Abdulnoor's tragic death from breast cancer while detained in UAE represents a sickening injustice even by the standards of the region. She died after repeated pleas from both human rights groups and the United Nations fell on deaf ears.

Saudi Arabia’s Authoritarian Media Campaign under bin Salman

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has launched a systematic media campaign to refurbish the Saudi image and control the narrative about his rule, but it is a hypocritical campaign characterized by his authoritarian style of governance.

Shi’a Iran and Sunni Muslim Brotherhood: Unlikely Alliance No More

The US government’s announcement to designate the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) weeks after it labeled the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards an FTO is raising major geo-political concerns and reinforcing the alliance between the two. It is also playing into the hands of the autocratic regimes of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.