A Journey Inside Arabia: Our Year in Review

A Journey Inside Arabia: Our Year in Review

Inside Arabia takes a moment to highlight some of the most significant events that occurred throughout the Arab world in 2018 and re-pledges its commitment to bringing the truth to the American public.
Boosting Women’s Entrepreneurship Through Female Impact Investors in the MENA Region

Boosting Women’s Entrepreneurship in the MENA Region Through Impact Investment

Women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem face formidable obstacles when it comes to accessing finance. The introduction of impact investment and the increasing number of female impact investors in the region could usher in a new age of gender, social, and financial inclusion in the Arab world.
Feminist Thought in the Muslim World From Secular Feminism to Islamic Feminism

Feminist Thought in the Muslim World: From Secular Feminism to Islamic Feminism

Feminist thought has evolved in the context of the historical, social, cultural, and political norms of the societies in which it has originated. In the Muslim world, two major feminist trends have emerged in recent years: Islamic feminism and secular feminism.
Brokk’art Dreams and Dreamscapes in Algiers

Brokk’art: Dreams and Dreamscapes in Algiers

At Brokk’art, an ecosystem of young Algerian artists explores their past, present, and future.
Learning Between the Lines Protecting Immigrant Children’s Right to Education In Morocco

Learning Between the Lines: Protecting Immigrant Children’s Right to Education In Morocco

As more sub-Saharan immigrants settle in Morocco, advocacy groups urge the government to ensure education access with comprehensive new immigration laws. Under the Constitution, Morocco guarantees everyone living in the country the right to education. In practice, many immigrant children are left out of the classroom.

Egypt’s Waning Geopolitical Position in the MENA Region

Egypt has been a leader of the Arab world for much of the last century, but in recent years, economic, political, and cultural changes have eroded its status as a major regional power.

When Bigotry and Intolerance Reigned: The Expulsion of Moriscos from Renaissance Spain

Muslim Moriscos converted to Christianity under duress, faced racial discrimination and systematic marginalization by mainstream Catholic Spaniards in Renaissance Spain. They were eventually exiled from their Iberian homeland, but their legacy remains.
Oman’s Pragmatic Yemen Foreign Policy Poised for Promoting Peace

Oman’s Pragmatic Yemen Foreign Policy: Poised for Promoting Peace?

From the outset of the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen in 2015, Oman opposed the Arab coalition’s military attacks against the Houthi rebels and their Yemeni allies. Rather than entering the fray militarily, Oman has played a skillful game, diplomatically, seeking to bring the conflict to an end through roundtable talks that eventually produce lasting peace. Yet, thus far Muscat’s efforts to bring peace to Yemen have not produced their intended results and the civil war continues, threatening the Sultanate’s security.

Ariel: An Israeli City Made in America, Part II

Ariel is a shining city on a hilltop of the West Bank, whose bright lights serve as either a warning or a beacon for the future of Israeli settlements, all the way to the shores of America, where a few billionaires and religious communities have for 40 years contributed to its existence and expansion.

Levantine Love of Yerba Mate Tells a 160-Year Trans-Atlantic Tale, Part II

Part I of this two-part article tells the story of the Arab migration from Syria and Lebanon to South America. Part II describes the past and current life of Levantines in South America and South Americans in the Levant. The popular herbal drink, Yerba mate (pr. “mah-tay”), serves as a reminder of their intertwined existence.