Ariel: An Israeli City Made in America, Part I

Ariel is a shining city on a hilltop of th West Bank, whose bright lights serve as either a warning or a beacon for the future of Israeli settlements, all the way to the shores of America, where a few billionaires and religious communities have for 40 years contributed to its existence and expansion.

Levantine Love of Yerba Mate Tells a 160-Year Trans-Atlantic Tale, Part I

Syria and Lebanon love the iconic South American drink yerba mate as their own. The story behind the Levant’s love of mate is a long saga of political drama and the flow of people across oceans.

#MeToo Movement Clashes with Arab Patriarchy

Patriarchy in the Arab world and in Arab expatriate communities continues to stymie the #MeToo movement’s progress in preventing sexual harassment and violence against women.

Morocco’s Recognition of US Independence: Highly Treasured ‘First’ in Moroccan-American ...

Sultan Mohamed III led Morocco into an era of openness with respect to other nations of the world that exists to this day, especially manifest in the longstanding relationship between Morocco and the United States.
Battle of Annual in Morocco's Rif

The Battle of Annual: When 4,000 Tribesmen Destroyed an Organized Army of 20,000 Troops

The day marks the anniversary of a historic victory of Mohammed Ben Abdelkarim Al-Khattabi and his army of tribesmen over the army of Spanish colonizers led by General Manuel Fernandez Silvestre at the Battle of Annual, 120 kilometers west of Melilla and the city of Nador, in the north of Morocco.

The “Golden Age” of Arab Intellectual Leadership: Baghdad, Center of the Abbasid Caliphate

Baghdad, principal city of the Abbasid Caliphate, was the epicenter of knowledge and learning, a city unrivalled by any other in the Arab world where scholars from all faiths flocked by the thousands.

Egypt’s Tourism Industry on Shaky Ground

Egypt’s Ministry of Touri...
Arab Intellectual Leadership in Islamic Cordova: When Arabs Were a Beacon of Light in the Dark Ages

Arab Intellectual Leadership in Islamic Cordova: When Arabs Were a Beacon of Light in the Dark Ages

During the Dark Ages when Europe kept almost no records of any kind and made few remarkable achievements, Arabs and Muslims led the world in bridging that civilizational gap. Cordova, the Umayyad capital in Muslim Spain, became the vibrant heart of Europe where peace, science, and learning thrived.
Souad Abderrahim

First Female Mayor Takes Reins in Tunis After Landmark Municipal Elections

The municipal council of Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia, elected its first ever female mayor on Tuesday, July 3. Souad Abderrahim garnered 26 municipal council votes in this second round of elections in the city, surpassing the 22 cast for her main competitor, Kamel Idir of the Nida Tounes party
Renewable Energy - Jordan

Powering the Troubled Kingdom: the Rise of Renewable Energy in Jordan

Protests that erupted in June, 2018 in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan exposed an economic crisis caused by a perfect storm of increased taxes; subsidy cuts for fuel, electricity, and bread; and a high cost of living.