Who’s Protecting George Nader? (Part I of III)

Is Lebanese-American pedophile George Nader in jail because his use as a conduit for dirty deals with countries in the Middle East has expired—or is it payback for his testimony in the Mueller investigation which brought the UAE’s leader into an FBI investigation?

EU Aid Racket in Lebanon Raises Stink for Foreign Policy Chief (Part 2 of 2)

The EU’s mismanagement of waste management schemes is only surpassed by disingenuous speeches about the importance of journalism in Lebanon. While journalists seeking accountability of EU cash in Lebanon have so far been banging on empty drums, a new investigation may lead to prosecution of both EU and Lebanese government officials.

Moroccan Doctor Saves Civilians in Conflict Zones

Moroccan doctor Zouhair Lahna has witnessed several wars in the Middle East in the past 20 years. He vividly remembers the heartbreaking events he has seen on his travels. He shared his memories in an exclusive interview with Inside Arabia.

Water-Scarce UAE Bets on Solar-Powered Water Desalination

With the cost of solar technology continuing to decline, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have begun investing in solar-run reverse osmosis water desalination plants in the Arabian Gulf to sustain their growing populations. However, questions remain regarding the limitations of the reverse osmosis method and the most suitable solar technology, as well as the impact of water desalination on marine life and the effects of continued water subsidization on this scarce resource's future in the region.

Lebanese Mothers Fight to Pass on Citizenship to Children

For over 90 years, Lebanon’s nationality law has violated the civil and political rights of the children of Lebanese mothers and foreign fathers.

The Iran-Britain Tanker Row: Implications for the Nuclear Deal

Since the United Kingdom’s unprecedented move to seize an Iranian supertanker, tensions between Iran and Europe have soared to a new level, raising concerns about the possibility of a maritime conflict in the Gulf that could irreversibly derail European efforts to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal.

Libyan Families Sue Haftar in U.S. for War Crimes

Libya’s renegade former general Khalifa Haftar is being sued in a U.S. federal court for war crimes by three families who lost loved ones in his indiscriminate bombing campaign to take over Tripoli.

Oman: A Facilitator of Diplomacy

Oman always seeks to facilitate backchannels for communication and diplomatic openings. Whether between Iran and the US, Israelis and Palestinians, or between warring factions in Yemen or Syria, Oman is an effective diplomatic bridge in the polarized Middle East.

The Harrowing Humanitarian Toll of Sanctioning Iran

Multilateral sanctions against Iran are inflicting unwarranted suffering on many innocent Iranians, while bringing little benefit to the sanctions’ architects.