Socotra Island: UNESCO-Protected ‘Jewel of Arabia’ Threatened by Yemen’s Civil War

This UNESCO human heritage site, located on a remote island isolated from the rest of the world off the coast of Yemen, hosts a third of the island’s plants that are found nowhere else on Earth, but the civil war in Yemen is threatening to destroy it.
35,000 Yemeni households displaced in Al-Hudaydah

Yemen: U.N. Fails to Protect Civilians Against Indiscriminate Airstrikes by Saudi-Led Coalition

55 civilians were killed in air strikes targeting a fish market and a hospital entrance in Hodeidah, Yemen ... and a third outbreak of cholera epidemic
Israel's ‘Jewish State’ law irks country's Druze

The Druze, Israel’s “Model Minority,” Betrayed by Jewish Nation-State Law

Palestinians are the clear targets of “Jewish nation-state” law, which essentially gives broad justification for discriminatory policies and strips non-Jewish minorities of status in the eyes of the state.