North Africa

Moroccan Doctor Saves Civilians in Conflict Zones

Moroccan doctor Zouhair Lahna has witnessed several wars in the Middle East in the past 20 years. He vividly remembers the heartbreaking events he has seen on his travels. He shared his memories in an exclusive interview with Inside Arabia.

Libyan Families Sue Haftar in U.S. for War Crimes

Libya’s renegade former general Khalifa Haftar is being sued in a U.S. federal court for war crimes by three families who lost loved ones in his indiscriminate bombing campaign to take over Tripoli.

Future Still Unclear for Striking Moroccan Teachers Amid Clashes with Government

After strikes, deadlocked negotiations with the Ministry of Education that turned ugly, and the death of a protester, the future hangs in the balance for Morocco’s teachers. What’s next for the Moroccan education system?

Algerians Fear Gaid Salah Turning into Another Al-Sisi

Algerian General Gaid Salah has led the country into a phase of uncertainty following Bouteflika’s resignation. This transition may foreshadow a fate for Algeria similar to Egypt’s after al-Sisi’s military overthrow of Morsi.

Egypt’s Unique and Age-Old Ramadan Traditions

Many of the Ramadan rituals practiced throughout the Muslim world originated in Egypt. These are just some of the most popular ones that have strengthened Muslim communities in the Arab World.

Egypt Reportedly Withdraws from Arab NATO

Egypt has allegedly withdrawn from the U.S.-led Middle East Strategic Alliance. While Cairo’s recent move remains unofficial, it could have ramifications for the future development of the security bloc.
The Revival of Somalia’s Lost Era of Funk

The Revival of Somalia’s Lost Era of Funk

Somalia had a vibrant, funky musical culture in the 1970s and ‘80s, but decades of civil war silenced it. Though the war continues, an impassioned few are reviving what could have been consigned to memory.
The Copts Egypt's Overlooked and Persecuted Christian Minority

The Copts: Egypt’s Overlooked and Persecuted Christian Minority

Persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt is not new, but it has taken on a new momentum since the al-Sisi regime started cracking down on Islamist extremists six years ago.
Egypt’s Brutal Crackdown on Freedom of Speech Targets the Entertainment Industry

Egypt’s Brutal Crackdown on Freedom of Speech Targets the Entertainment Industry

After Egyptian actors Khaled Abol Naga and Amr Waked publicly criticized President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s constitutional amendments and his tight grip on freedom of expression, the Egyptian Actors’ Union revoked their membership and accused the pair of "high treason" in what seems to signal a new target in the government’s ongoing campaign against dissent: entertainment industry unions.
Oum Kalthoum and the Poet Who Loved Her A Book Review of I Loved You for Your Voice

Oum Kalthoum and the Poet Who Loved Her: A Book Review of “I Loved You for Your Voice”

“I Loved You for Your Voice,” by Selim Nassib, is a timeless, exquisite, and underappreciated novel inspired by the life of Oum Kalthoum as recounted by Ahmed Rami, the poet who composed the lyrics of her songs and who loved her in vain.