Lebanon's Mounting Garbage: A 21st Century Clean Up

Lebanon’s Mounting Garbage: A 21st Century Clean Up

Lebanon’s parliament passed a new law on integrated solid waste management on September 24, 2018, to address the country’s unending garbage crisis. However, the law is already being violated, a national waste management strategy is yet to appear, and the garbage is still everywhere.

Morphing the MENA Mindset: Entrepreneurship Means Meeting Challenge with Change

While the dramatic, often violent events in the Middle East have dominated most attention, it is widely recognized that economic development -- jobs -- will ultimately either sustain the autocracies now in power or force change by uncontrolled, largely negative influences. The Middle East can and should learn from the economic consequences of failed governance elsewhere and harness the energy of entrepreneurship and its youth to its advantage with a recognition that change and challenge are inevitable components of visions for the future.
100 Years of Remembering the Past, But Forgetting the Present

100 Years of Remembering the Past, But Forgetting the Present

The centenary of the World War I armistice rings hollow in a world still scorched by war. We claim to remember the dead, but we have forgotten the living.
Opinion Khashoggi, the Liberator

Opinion: Khashoggi, the Liberator

A native of one of the most repressive regimes in the world, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi knew more about the nuances of freedom than most. In observance of last week’s International Day to End Impunity For Crimes Against Journalists, I discuss his final op-ed piece and his struggle and passion for freedom of expression in the Arab world and beyond.
Educational Reforms in Morocco A Chronology of Failures

Educational Reforms in Morocco: A Chronology of Failures

Disillusionment and despair over the deterioration of Morocco’s educational system have lingered since Morocco’s independence in 1956. Many reforms have been implemented to no avail. Even after squandering billions of dirhams on trying to reform education, Morocco’s educational system remains among the lowest performing in the world.
The U.S.’s International Migration Policy We Can Do Better

The U.S.’s International Migration Policy: We Can Do Better

Immigration is a complicated topic, but it does not have to be. Focusing on a common vocabulary and specific policy solutions is a step in the right direction.
As Journalists Call for Justice for Jamal, World Demands Answers from Saudi Assassins

As Journalists Call for Justice for Jamal, World Demands Answers from Saudi Assassins

The disappearance and premeditated murder of Jamal Khashoggi is just the tip of the iceberg in Saudi Arabia’s recent shift toward total suppression of dissent. While evidence has leaked out since Khashoggi’s death, the full extent of the crime has not yet been uncovered. Many questions remain for which the Saudi regime must be held accountable. The world deserves answers now.
Struggles of Sexual harassment at workplace continues in Egypt!

Struggles of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Continues in Egypt

“Every time the technician comes to fix my computer, he comes close to me and [ touches ] my shoulder or my hands for no reason.”
Mohammed bin Salman is a Saudi not a Western Reformer

Mohammed bin Salman is a Saudi (not a Western) Reformer

Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler is the not the “reformer” Western governments had optimistically hoped for. But the ways in which Saudi Arabia has changed socially and economically during his tenure as first Deputy Crown Prince and now Crown Prince illustrate how Mohammed bin Salman is a “reformer” of sorts—albeit a ruthlessly authoritarian one—who has taken a lesson out of the books of Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince and China’s President, with no intent to liberalize the oil-rich Kingdom’s political system.
Expanding Mental Health Care in the UAE A Logistical and Cultural Challenge

Expanding Mental Health Care in the UAE: A Logistical and Cultural Challenge

New initiatives to expand mental health services in the Emirates will only succeed if Emiratis can be convinced of the benefits of these services and overcome the social stigma of talking about mental illness, much less accepting treatment.