Argan Oil: Is Outside Exploitation of Morocco’s Liquid Gold Imperiling Local Coops?

Many business owners claim that the argan oil industry enhances the socio-economic situation of Amazigh populations in the argan forests region. However, this multi-million dollar industry could threaten the future of wild argan forests in Morocco and lead to results that are the opposite hoped for by the Moroccan government.
Matthew Hedges and the Glorification of Anti-Intellectualism.

Matthew Hedges and the Glorification of Anti-Intellectualism

Despite scant evidence against him, the United Arab Emirates has issued Matthew Hedges a life sentence, claiming that he is not an academic researcher, but a spy. Now, the Emirates’ international reputation is at risk.

Arab Youth is Changing Tattoo Culture in the Middle East

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have a long history of tattoo art. Once considered a sign of beauty, its popularity declined in many regions because of negative social stigma and the fact that Islam prohibits tattoos. Recently, young Arabs have begun to embrace tattooing once again, and they are changing people’s perception of tattoos.
Curtailing Conflict Across the Arab World Former Yemeni Human Rights Minister Calls for Dialogue

Curtailing Conflict Across the Arab World: Former Yemeni Human Rights Minister Calls for Dialogue

With the Arab world seemingly in constant conflict with no imminent prospects for peace, one world leader outlines her vision of the road to peace in the MENA region.

Coffee: The Lost Treasure of Yemen

Yemenis played a significant role in introducing coffee -- the second most traded commodity in the world after oil -- to countries throughout the world. The government's disinterest, however, in preserving the coffee tree and promoting its cultivation has deprived the country of significant revenue.

An Unusual Tradition: The Imilchil Marriage Festival

Young, unmarried men and women gather in the mountainous village of Imilchil, in southeastern Morocco, every year at the end of September. They meet, trade livestock, buy their supplies for the long winter, and, traditionally, seek a marriage partner.
Raï Music A Powerful Tool of Social Protest in North Africa

Raï Music: A Powerful Tool of Social Protest in North Africa

Raï music influenced generations of North Africans from the 1970s to the end of the 1990s. A mixture of tradition and modernity, Raï has both mirrored and inspired social movements in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

UNFPA Session Highlights Crisis Affecting Women in Yemen

Sexual violence is an effective weapon of war. Not only does it brutalize and destroy the lives of its victims, but it creates a suffocating climate of fear that silences dissent. Modern warfare is inextricably linked to gender inequality, a fact too often overlooked by leaders charged with bringing an end to conflict.
Ongoing detention of American pastor causes US-Turkey relations to deteriorate

Ongoing Detention of American Pastor Causes U.S.-Turkey Relations to Deteriorate

U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, agreed at a meeting in Singapore on Friday to work on resolving a number of disputes that have disrupted the two countries’ relationship recently.