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Expanding Mental Health Care in the UAE A Logistical and Cultural Challenge

Expanding Mental Health Care in the UAE: A Logistical and Cultural Challenge

New initiatives to expand mental health services in the Emirates will only succeed if Emiratis can be convinced of the benefits of these services and overcome the social stigma of talking about mental illness, much less accepting treatment.
A Hopeful Future is on the Horizon for War-Weary South Sudan

A Hopeful Future is on the Horizon for War-Weary South Sudan

After five years of devastating civil war, tens of thousands of civilians dead, and millions of refugees displaced from their homelands, recent events in South Sudan may herald a more positive outlook for the war-torn nation.

Editorial: Inside Arabia Launches Unprecedented #SaveYemen Campaign Aimed at UN General Assembly

As the UN General Assembly session gets underway in New York City this week, Inside Arabia is launching #SaveYemen, a massive public awareness campaign demanding that the United Nations act now to stop the war that has resulted in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.  Thousands of Yemeni civilians are being slaughtered and millions are at risk of starving to death or dying of preventable diseases.

Sisi’s Fortress Mentality Manifested in Egypt’s New Capital

Sisi’s new Cairo is just one indication of a multi-prong strategy to clamp down on civil rights, freedom of expression, and independence of the judiciary.

Can Promoting Arab Women as Entrepreneurs Make a Difference? Or will age-old stereotypes relegate th...

The economic and business roles of Arab women have been discussed for more than two decades and initiatives have been launched on the consensus that their participation is worth promoting.

Separated Families and Lost Opportunities: The Cost of Closed Borders between Algeria and Morocco

Efforts to reopen the borders have repeatedly failed, and keeping them closed costs both countries billions of dollars annually. What are the prospects reaching a compromise?

Regional Merry-Go-Round – While Key Issues Continue to Dog Lebanon’s Government in Formation, End to...

It has long been said somewhat cynically that Lebanon’s raison d’être is to serve as the proxy battlefield for everything in contention in the region and beyond.

Saudi Overreaction to Canadian Human Rights Concerns Exacerbates Issues for Kingdom

A tweet from Canada’s Foreign Policy Ministry sparked a war of words and a series of political clashes between the Northern American country and Saudi Arabia when Canadian officials expressed their “grave concern about additional arrests of civil society and women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia, including Samar Badawi”

Microfinance Institution strives to Stimulate Economic Growth in Somalia

For more than two decades, Somalia has suffered from poverty, marginalization, and natural disasters, which have left the East African nation greatly under-developed.