It is hard to imagine what was going through the mind of Lebanese-American businessman George Nader when he passed through customs at JFK airport on June 3rd of this year, with three portable phones containing child pornography previously nabbed by FBI officials, portraying heinous video material of minors suffering. 

Immunity from prosecution must have been a chief factor to drive him to take, what at first sight, appears to be an absurdly risky venture, given that he has a record of such vile exploits.

Of course, he does have a track record of writhing out of charges by striking deals with federal prosecutors and relying on friends in high places to pull him out of the abyss. 

Nader is a supremo “fixer.” He’s the go-to guy for Middle East leaders, despots, and intelligence agencies to fix their problems and oil the wheels of corruption, dirty deals and blackmail. 

In the world of pedophilia, blackmail is the perennial currency which keeps everyone in business and far from prosecutors.

In the world of pedophilia, blackmail is the perennial currency which keeps everyone in business and far from prosecutors. It’s hard to imagine this is not the same scenario for monsters like Nader, addicted to child pornography, who recently permeated the royal household of the United Arab Emirates with his unique consultancy role as Washington fixer and Arab world impresario.  

The answer of how through his connections and roles he might rescue himself one more time lies almost certainly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a degenerate, hedonistic playground which is mistakenly perceived by many in the West as a modern Arab country which accommodates every vice and is struggling to mature into a western oasis, contrasted against Saudi Arabia which is ruled by an elite, has no pretense of any democratic functionality, and revels in its own backwardness. 

Rise to Senior Adviser for UAE

Nader was born in a Christian northern town in Lebanon called Batroun and was fortunate enough to move to the US just before the Lebanese civil war started in 1975. According to one report, he always wanted to be a journalist and in 1980 started his own magazine although he showed little flair for it, according to one Lebanese diplomat in Washington DC who he interviewed for the first edition and whom Middle East Online contacted. The magazine gave him the basis to present himself to the DC circuit as someone important when it came to matters involving the Arab world – which largely meant that people used him to set meetings up. In many ways, that’s what he was doing for the UAE leader in Abu Dhabi. A fixer. 

In reality though, the UAE is a much darker place than Ohio, which a British academic recently found out, when he was arrested on trumped up spying charges, following a botched police investigation and also perhaps the Jordanian-British wife of one of its leaders in Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who fled recently to London. And there really is no one darker than Nader who blended in perfectly into the shadows of Abu Dhabi. 

Nader became a senior adviser to UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MbZ), a ruler who punches above his weight both in the region and in DC, who no doubt was charmed by the Lebanese-American and who engaged him as a fixer, long before Trump took office. Once the US president arrived in the Oval office, however, MbZ was keen to exploit Nader’s ability to bring Russians close to Trump, Nader’s contacts in Israel, Hezbollah, and even Iran which together helped to manipulate regional (US) policy as he became a facilitator of payments and carried the cash. 

Nader does, after all, have an impressive track record of connecting powerful people around the world.

Nader does, after all, have an impressive track record of connecting powerful people around the world. After the 2016 US presidential election, according to reliable reports, in December he introduced Kirill Dmitriev, who runs the Russian sovereign wealth fund, to officials advising the incoming President Donald Trump.

Later in January 2017, he also arranged  a meeting in the Seychelles between Dmitriev, who is close to Putin, and Trump ally Erik Prince, Black Water chief and brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, according to Mueller’s lengthy report (pp. 155, 160) on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.  MbZ was present at this meeting and noted that the Russian investor was disappointed with the Prince being the best Trump confidante that Nader could muster.

Published Editions of the Muller Report

Nader’s testimony to the grand jury came after he attended the Trump Tower meeting with the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, and Joel Zamel, the owner of Psy-Group, an Israeli private intelligence firm; Zamel is believed to have extracted $2 million from Nader for a social media campaign for Trump. 

At the vortex of the Mueller Report, which many were hoping would impeach the US president, was Nader, working the levers of power with his sweaty palms, who is reported ultimately to have “co-operated extensively” with the investigation. Has Nader played all his aces with the FBI to evade prosecution? Is this why he remained in the UAE as he knew that FBI investigators, or even the so-called “deep state,” would be out to get him after he ratted on the president? 

Placing yourself close to MbZ would be a good move as the UAE leader is far smarter and more effective in the nefarious arts of espionage, dirty diplomacy, and blackmail than his clumsy friend MbS in Riyadh could ever hope to be. Many in the Middle East fear MbZ and his reach more than anyone in the Arab world. 

So why leave the UAE which is a haven in so many ways? The reason is simply that open heart surgery that Nader had had just months before was not a success and he had complications, which only his surgeon could address, which is why he flew back to New York (JFK airport) and triggered the arrest warrant—put on hold in April 2018, but automatically becoming effective the moment Nader entered the US. 

But to understand the mechanics of the latest Nader debacle, we have to go back further when federal agents stopped him at Washington-Dulles International Airport on January 17, 2018, after a flight from Dubai, according to an FBI affidavit. Interestingly, agents had a warrant to search any electronic device stemming from a matter that prosecutors now say was unrelated to child pornography. The FBI were looking for other elements of evidence, probably linked to the Mueller inquiry, and accidently came across the child porn, setting Nader’s fate then and there on US soil.

Nader had three iPhones, including one with a dozen videos of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct, as well as grotesque video involving animals according to the FBI. After meeting with prosecutors, Nader soon began to cooperate, according to details in Mueller’s report.

He had little choice. In poor health and the walls closing in on him, his only hope was leniency from a US judge, who ultimately refused bail, based on Nader’s international assets known to be considerably more than the $3 million he claims to have and his relationship with MbZ. And yet the mysterious case throws up more questions than answers and leaves many wondering if there was more to the search warrant than meets the eye. 

It is likely that investigators were actually probing Nader and his other activities relating to Trump—especially with regards to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. According to a trove of emails later leaked, the FBI already knew about the payoff to Trump via Broidy. Furthermore, the Mueller investigation which gave Nader immunity from the January 2018 child porn content charges only extended to the Russia link. 

Were investigators, in April 2018 when Nader’s immunity had been effectively lifted, looking for messages from both MbS and MbZ which built a case against Trump as a US president happy to take payments from foreign entities to create tailor-made policies suited to their needs? 

Nader and his new partner Republican fundraiser Elliot Broidy (who also was charged with bribing US officials earlier in his career as an investment guru) by then were both celebrating their success in making Trump support the Qatar blockade and for getting Congressman Ed Royce  to do a U-turn on his previous resistance to an anti-Qatar bill in the House.  They had bigger plans though, as getting the US base in Qatar moved to the UAE or Saudi Arabia was always a target.

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This is part 1 of a 3-part expose of the shady dealings of George Nader in Middle East politics based on the Mueller Report.