It was his more recently struck friendship with Broidy, which gave Nader the edge.

In October 2017, Broidy met Trump for the first time in the Oval Office. He presented him his scathing views of Qatar (which he later code-named “Snake”), which was music to Trump’s ears as the US president did not know that Broidy was working him, via Nader and MbZ. To hear that from an American who he did not know had ties with the UAE or Saudi leaders put a smile on the president’s face. (At some point Trump is said to have asked Broidy what he thought of Rex Tillerson who also was seen as too friendly towards Qatar. Trump confided to Broidy then that Tillerson was on borrowed time.) 

That meeting was a pinnacle of Nader’s PR strategy and probably led him to believe that he was indispensable in the MbZ grand plan in DC to manipulate Trump into helping both Riyadh and Abu Dhabi extend its reach in the region without having to pay for it. The Nader story also leads us to believe that the UAE’s leader has played Trump, even to the point of Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy against Iran. 

What FBI investigators were almost certainly searching for on Nader’s phone in Washington in January 2018 was messages from MbZ and also MbS, Saudi Arabia’s erratic leader who only 10 months later would be embroiled in the Khashoggi murder. Investigators fear that the level of corruption in the Trump family has gone over so many red lines that Trump is basically in the pocket of the UAE leader. 

If Nader was indeed the “Trump Whisperer” able to deliver messages at the precise time required—in exchange for millions of dollars—then where does this end? In a war with Iran? That would suit the UAE and Saudi leaders no end. That would be excellent value for their money. 

Indeed, if Trump were to have authorized the airstrikes following the drone attack on July, the payback to the UAE leader from the Saudis would have been colossal, making both Broidy and Nader billionaires.

“We need someone who would never be believed.”

But why Nader? Plausible deniability is the critical thing with him and his role as both the one to handle the illegal money and send the messages, which is why he is perfect for the role. But where was it leading? 

One of the reasons why Nader was perfect for the job is his appalling criminal history. Pedophiles such as he are not generally believed when they spill the beans from their jail cells.

One of the reasons why Nader was perfect for the job is his appalling criminal history. Pedophiles such as he are not generally believed when they spill the beans from their jail cells. 

Blackmail is probably a thread which runs through the Nader story and will no doubt surface at some point. For example, did the CIA have other material which they kept on Nader, so as to ensure he would keep working for them? Is this why he was so confident that he was immune from anything in the US sticking?

It’s entirely possible that Nader had to be dispensed with because of signs that the relationship was getting out of control. In recent months, Trump has used his presidential veto to block the ban on Saudi arms sales. In fact, he has created an “emergency” premise to sell smart bombs to Saudi Arabia for its coalition war in Yemen while selling nuclear technology to MbS.

If we are to believe that there is a deep state in the intelligence community which recently blocked information being shared with Trump about a CIA op in Russia, as he is not trusted by intelligence officers, is it not feasible that the intel community is worried about a war with Iran being masterminded by the UAE and KSA via George Nader? Is Nader the rogue, dirty money player who finally the Americans had to pull in, before it was too late? Nader was obsessed with money and built a whole life out of pretending to be important—which reached a climax with a US president being instructed to fire his Secretary of State, support a blockade on Qatar, send even more bombs to Yemen, allow Saudi Arabia to have nukes, and to—almost—bring the US to the brink of a war with Iran.

The extraordinary Nader story is not entirely unlike Iran-Contra in that it is a story about America’s dirty deals and murky cash payments. But, it is different in that the ‘pay-as-you-go’ policy decisions in the Middle East would make two convicted felons—Broidy and Nader—billionaires, a US president cash rich for his re-election campaign, and an Emirati leader with his hand on the lever in the entire region, not to mention the White House itself. 

Given that the Nader story hides much, much more that could incriminate Trump—such as just how much money is being laundered through defense contracts or dodgy US businessmen, and just how much money directly has been sent to the US president through the Nader mechanism—his story is likely to remain, with him, in jail for a very long time, safe from the tentacles of media or state investigators. Unless, of course, this time around MbZ will be vexed by Nader’s anecdotes of his private life or, closer to home, Trump will see the sense of keeping Nader’s story far from the left-wing press itching to impeach him. 

But who would believe the lurid tales of a man who barely qualifies as a human being, who threatened the Czech family of a boy he abused, with physical harm if they reported him to authorities? 

*  * *

This is part 3 of a 3-part expose of the shady dealings of George Nader in Middle East politics based on the Mueller Report.